Director / Writer

Directing Reel  Horror / Thriller / Action 

Creating visually exciting, emotionally engaging, suspenseful-as-hell horror, thriller and action films filled with nuanced acting fireworks. Many of my films address social themes with a percentage of profits going to charities related to the project.  ———  Available for hire.

All films copyright Craig Ouellette

“You don’t think ($TRIP) is going to go where it does…until it does, and director Ouellette, effects wiz Wagner and actor YUWI KIM team up to present an illusion of horror that plays like the real thing!”

— The Great Midnight Sneak

“($TRIP) is a very graphic film, but an interesting one that really speaks to the culture of this profession and the toll it takes on those within it. Major accolades go to the cast, especially star Yuwi Kim and her co-star, Jenna Macari. Writer/director Craig Ouellette really brought something interesting to the table (with $TRIP), and will be one of the more talked about films in this screening.

— Russ Pirozek, Hollyshorts monthly screenings

“A black joke played unexpectedly and uncomfortably straight, ($TRIP)  is both a sour and brutal commentary on the commodification and consumption of women's bodies by the sex industry and on the coerced complicity of those caught up in it, and a blood-splattered satire of desperate ambition and the resultant self-loathing. Beautifully shot, elegantly staged, and boasting some squirm-inducing SFX.”

— Grimmfest

“(‘The Closer She Gets’) earns a place of honor alongside such other uncompromising records of mortality as Donna Deitch’s “Angel on My Shoulder” and Allan King’s “Dying at Grace”.

— Scott Foundas, Variety

“‘The Closer She Gets’ puts in into a love/hate relationship with its creator, Craig Ouellette. You’ll love the fact that he made such a moving, powerful documentary, but you’ll hate him for making it about his dying mother. You see Jane has cancer, and this is what happens to her.”

— Doug Brunell, Filmthreat

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